2019 National Channel Ceremony

1/12-1/13 x Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort, China

Since Siyiou Foreign Trade Express formally launched into the market in 2014 and started to set up a national channel system, Siyiou's national channel has gone through five years. Over the past five years, Siyiou has built a powerful channel system consisting of nearly 300 marketing and service personnel, covering nearly 30 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, and more than 2000 frontline marketing and service personnel. These five year, with firm belief, sweat of hardworking and extraordinary wisdom, all staffs in Siyiou have submitted a satisfactory answer to the company, all kinds of Chinese enterprises which have been serving us wholeheartedly, and the society.

Since its establishment in 2003, Siyiou originated from SEO, and used the first 10 years to adhere to SEO, deep plough SEO, successfully built the Chinese SEO industry brand. But Siyiou has never been bound by SEO. At the end of 2013, Siyiou was successfully developed and formally launched into the market in early 2014. Siyiou has transformed into a magnificent company. 2014 is the first year of SIEO's channel system, and the first year of Siyiou's second venture. Siyiou expands and improves the company's operation and management team while continuously improving its products, so as to lay a foundation for its future steady development.

2018 The Fourth Session

New Era, New Journey, New Future

New Era, New Journey, New Future” --January 18, 2018, The Fourth National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou was held in Wanghu Hotel, Hangzhou. More than 400 channel businessmen from Northeast, North China, Northwest, Southwest, South China, Central China, East China and Central and South China, as well as business representatives from all over the country who are interested in joining the Siyiou channel, attended the ceremony.

2017 The Third Session

Innovation, Gratitude, Restart

On 11 January 2017, The Third National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express, with the theme of "Innovation, Gratitude and Restart", was successfully held in Sheraton Hotel, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. More than 500 Foreign Trade Express channel businessmen from Northeast, North China, Northwest, Southwest, South, East, Central and South China, as well as business representatives from all over the country who are interested in joining the Foreign Trade Express channel participated in the conference.

2016 The Second Session

Win-win, Innovation, Forward-looking

On January 9, 2016, the 2nd National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express, with the theme of "Win-win, Innovation and Forward-looking", was successfully held in Sheraton Hotel, Binjiang District, Hangzhou.

2015 First session

Win-win, Innovation and Transcendence

On January 17, 2015, the first National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou Group Foreign Trade Express was successfully held at Geshan Pinyue Hotel in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, with the theme of Win-win, Innovation and Transcendence.


2015 is the year that Siyiou starts the future. In this year, the national channel system of Siyi Europa Foreign Trade Express was initially established successfully. In this year, Siyiou Foreign Trade Express project was financed by a round of 50 million yuan. In this year, the company's turnover exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time.


In 2016, Siyiou made great strides: in September, Siyiou was officially approved to become NEEQ-listed company, and the company realized the joint-stock system transformation, formally becoming a public enterprise; In September, the Intelligent Integrated Search and Marketing System (ISS) Yiqibao was officially launched, and the national channel system of ISS Yiqibao was set up at the same time.


It's not easy to start a business. It requires a great stride in passion and a steady working under the success. In 2017, with the brilliance of 2016 and the gratitude to the customers all over the country, all staffs in Siyiou strive for steady progress. While continuing to improve, perfect and upgrade the two major products of foreign trade express and Yiqibao, they have expanded the company's product line in an all-round way and independently developed Feike social marketing software and real VR software. At the same time, in order to better serve customers and enhance the growth ability of the channel system, 365 closed-loop service projects, doubling and breaking five projects have been implemented, and Siyiou Business School has been established.


After consolidating the basic year in 2014, starting the next year in 2015, striding in 2016 and stabilizing the stable year in 2017, Siyiou ushered in a new era and journey in 2018. All staffs in Siyiou are confident and deeply cultivate industrial layout, company management, product research and development and customer service on the basis of innovation to welcome the new era. In order to carry out the annual theme of deep cultivation, in 2018, on the basis of further implementing 365 Service Talent Ring project and doubling the Five-Year project, Siyiou set up Qiantang Military Academy, which is aimed at Siyiou headquarters and national channel system, providing all-round support for all levels of people from the first-line marketing elite, middle-level managers to enterprise executives. Integrative professional knowledge and skills; management theory and practice; and attitude, spirit and values training. In 2018, Qiantang Military Academy completed four training sessions for new recruits in foreign trade express train sales and one training for core executives of Siyiou channel businessmen, which provided more than 200 first-line marketing elites and senior management elites with both ability and virtue for the national channel system. At the end of June 2018, Siyiou moved to a new working place to refresh its new era, journey and future. In 2018, both the Foreign Trade Express and the Yiqibao products have been greatly upgraded. The Foreign Trade Express has launched the global version and the small language version, newly launched the instant chat function; the billion-enterprise App has been launched, completed the MIP website transformation and Xiongzhang number access, and launched the instant chat function. In 2018, Siyiou formally started the process of internationalization after many years of deliberation. On October 15, the first Indian channel trader signed a channel cooperation agreement with Siyiou. In 2018, Siyiou strive to introduced talents, further improved the company’s structure, improved the quality of management team and implementation level, paved the way for the opening of a new future.


Over the past five years, Siyiou headquarters and the national channel system have made brilliant achievements, also accompanied by difficulties and obstacles of course. Whether in the face of achievements or difficulties and obstacles, we need patient and perseverance, choose to believe, and believe in the power of trust.

In 2019, we still need deep ploughing, headquarters management and operation needs deep ploughing, channel system needs deep ploughing, marketing needs deep ploughing, customer service needs deep ploughing. Only by adhering to innovation, persevering in the original intention, and continuing to carry out intensive cultivation, can we achieve new breakthroughs and achieve greater success.


Conference Venue

Innovation · Perseverance · Cultivation · Breakthrough

The Fifth National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou

January 12, 2019 - January 13, 2019 Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort
Qiandao Lake Resort

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