Era 4.0 of Foreign Trade Marketing - Xuming He, CEO of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd, Was Interviewed by Consumer Electronics Magazine

Xuming He, CEO of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology, was recently interviewed to talked about the coming Era 4.0 of Marketing of Foreign Trade which was published by the semimonthly publication of Consumer Electronics Magazine on issue 251, which, sponsored by China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, is a kind of electronic newspapers and periodicals mainly reporting the latest information about exclusive persons interviews and hot issues. We have the details as follows:

Currently, the mobile payment, online shopping, shared bike and China railway high-speed have been the new Four Great Inventions of China, with information technology penetrating in all economic and social fields, and the digital economy integrating with platform economy and sharing economy. All of them have made a great difference to global economy and industry patterns. In the meantime, various information technology products and services are required exceedingly by the emerging intelligent manufacture, and new infrastructures and services are needed extremely for the coming era of AI, big data and IoE, which jointly contribute a lot to the new growth of the electronic and information industry in this new era.

Embarking on a new journey with great passion

Xuming He, graduated from Ningbo Forestry College of National Forestry Department, had been engaged in economic management since graduation and thought that he might devoted his whole life to and realize his great ambition in this industry. But what happened in the year of 2000 changed everything.

That was my first contact to the Internet in 2000 and it made me very curious though the Internet, at that time, was not as developed and convenient as it is now, and dialing 163 was the only way to be online. Driven by the curiosity, I began to learn relevant technologies and also got some professional training. I was high spirited at that time, and I did have a great sense of achievement only by knowing the server principle, and the related technology about code writing. Mr. He recalls.

All of these efforts laid a great foundation for his latter career. He came out a really bold and challenging idea to establish a network technology company, that is, Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd.

For him, there is no doubt that the action is bold and full of unknowns. However, maybe its his fearless ignorance as a new guy in this field or his great passion that encouraged him to make such a decision that is very sensible and right by now. Hangzhou SEO, by now, has over 1,000 employees and has served nearly 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. They raised their Series A funding of USD 50 million in 2015 and got listed in the NEEQ in September, 2016. Taking all these into consideration, though, Mr. He just gives himself 8 points on a 10 scale.

The transition may be not early but is still not late

Fifteen years have passed since the establishment. In the past 15 years, Ive come across so many difficulties though Ive kept working hard to solve them. And that is the reason why I just give myself 8 points (out of 10). Mr. He explained. When asked about the details, he said, The year of 2013 was a breakthrough year both to myself and the company. Of course, its at that year that our company, with 10 years experience, made a great progress, but we still missed the best time. For an enterprise, transition means a new beginning, whereas for an entrepreneur, it means to start all over again. When running in to bottlenecks, you may want to change your former thought whether youre a person or a company. Though we didnt make it earlier, its still a favorable time for us to usher in the new era of intelligent marketing of foreign trade.

In his opinion, service and technology are of the same importance to Hangzhou SEO, which is a service company about network technology.

Same as a traditional company, what is the most important for a network technology company is to create and deliver value. If technology can create value, then service must be conveying value. Both are of mutual promotion and are indispensable. said Mr. He.

Foreign Trade Express is Fast and Economical”

Chinese enterprises are surging from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China, which means there should be a more progressive platform for import or export - an intelligent online marketing system. Taking big data and cloud computing as its foundation, the system created five functional systems to assist enterprises of global trade in developing new markets internationally by building multilingual marketing websites and advanced VR websites, providing global buyers data, and SEO, SNS and any other multi channel marketing services. And that is what Foreign Trade Express is doing.

Q: Consumer Electronics Magazine

A: Xuming He, CEO of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Q: We know the name is Foreign Trade Express, but could you please tell us the relation between being fast and the name? And what kind of speed or passion it can bring to our small and medium-sized enterprises?

A: There are two points. For one thing, Foreign Trade Express is more like some kind of medium by which Chinese suppliers and global buyers are connected directly, which enables various purchasers around the world to find reliable suppliers in China quickly. Because, for most platforms, the first step is about buyers, and then the platform which needs to display the related suppliers based on some rules, after all of these processes, our Chinese suppliers may be found by their targeted customers. However, with Foreign Trade Express, customers can get in touch with our Chinese suppliers directly without any intermediate by the global buyers searching platform. Thats one point.

For another, Foreign Trade Express is a systematic, intelligent and collective digital marketing system which enables customers to operate conveniently and efficiently. The users can get started much more easily. If we take the traditional way, whats the most troubling is to record dozens of user names and keywords which might require many technicians. On the contrary, only one user name and keyword are needed remembering and no technician is required, which is of high efficiency. Thats the other point.

The operation may be simple, but can make foreign trade enterprises run business conveniently and efficiently. There are some points to explain it. On the one hand, without the intermediate, the cost can be lower and the acceleration and simplicity also means being being faster for customers. On the other hand, the inquiries customers received from abroad are of higher quality and efficiency because of the faster speed. In other words, for those users of Foreign Trade Express, the inquiries they got are much more competitive not only in quality but also in quantity, which may make our customers much more passionate. What we can offer our customers is not only a shorter time but also a lower cost. Of course, time is money and high efficiency also means low cost for an enterprise. In a word, what we are doing is to help foreign trade enterprises develop new customers, expand business quickly with lower cost and save more resources.

Intelligent Optimization Together with VR Service

Q: We know that Foreign Trade Express is an intelligent online marketing platform based on big data and cloud computing and it aims to lead us into a new era of economy. So what kind of opportunity do you think that digital economy can bring us?

A: Yeah, we all know that marketing of foreign trade was developed from the era 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 of exhibition, B2B, and artificial online marketing respectively to this era 4.0 which we called as an ear of intelligent online marketing. And the digital marketing of foreign trade is in fact mainly about the trend and the application. We can say that who master the trend master the future of marketing of foreign trade. Of course, to integrating applications is of the same importance, for example, the B2B platform, official website, SNS platform and multi-brand data integration are another trend of the future. If every company can make the best use of the three parts, they must be able to build good long-term cooperation with their customers. Well, thats what digital marketing is doing. And what really matters is to take full advantage of these tools and data in order to keep abreast with the development of time and follow the trend. If you did make it, what you can get from it must be indispensable.

Q: At present, the intelligent service of Hangzhou SEO enjoys high popularity. Could you please tell us how did you make your service and customers experience upgraded via VR technology?

A: VR technology does get good feedback from the market. And I think it may offer us a better market application on the basis of B2B platform. For now, the technology is only applied to the VR display of our customers websites.

There is one common feature about enterprises of foreign trade, that is, their customers are spread around the world and are restricted by time and space. Traditionally, a foreign buyer needs to visit the factory in China if theyre going to make a deal with our Chinese enterprises. In this case, they have to spend massive time and expense, which may be a great burden not only for the buyer but also to the factory. However, the VR service were providing just presents customers the condition of the suppliers factory, pipeline and also the product, by which our Chinese companies can get displayed better and more conveniently.

Similarly, Chinese companies can take the VR equipment with them when taking part in overseas channel exhibition. So customers on the exhibition can get to know the factory condition as if they were there. Besides, the application of VR technology in marketing of foreign trade are becoming more and more popular among customers. Such being the case, I believe VR technology will be applied to more areas and wider scope in the future.

Q: So could you please share us with your plan for the future?

A: Yes, of course. Facebook and WhatsApp are still, for now, the first choice for most foreign buyers and Chinese suppliers to get timely communication. Firstly, well develop some instant messaging system for Foreign Trade Express which may build a bridge to connect global buyers with Chinese suppliers directly and improve user experience to make good long-term cooperation with customers. Secondly, the overseas APP and platform of Foreign Trade Business are on their way. Were going to expand our brand globally and get its influence enhanced. Last but not the least, were planning to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain to make us more competitive and create more value for customers. In other words, to integrate the industry chain to get our value rebuilt.

The year of 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, Chinese economy wont get improved so fast without the promotion of Chinese entrepreneurs from generation to generation. Nowadays, new motivation has been given to China economy by entrepreneurs, in the meantime, new entrepreneurial spirit has been endowed to Chinese entrepreneurs by time. Also, the spirit has already been mentioned a lot by Premier Li Keqiang under various conditions. However, The entrepreneurial spirit of this new era can be described as social spirit Mr. He mentioned. What a company need to do is to stay focus on its faith, and the driven force of which must be of positive effect. If you do make it, all things performed under the value will usher in a good development.

Under the preferential policy of creation and innovation for young people, countless young entrepreneurs are emerging in excellent Chinese businessmen. For them, Mr. He also made some suggestions that without enough capital and resources, theyd better take the experience gained at one unit and popularize it in a whole area, i.e., starting from where they are good at to create value for customers first and then thinking about expanding business. And should they take the right direction, they can be successful more easily. Whether youre a entrepreneur or looking for job, Mr. He does hope his suggestion can be helpful for those post-90s to find right direction while choosing their careers.