Congratulations on Hangzhou SEO’s New Home

The housewarming celebration of Hangzhou SEO was held on the square of Zhonghao Five-star International Building - the new address of Hangzhou SEO - on July 7th. All of our members and partners joined together to witness the great development achievements weve made and to share our joy of success.

Lion Dance for Opening Ceremony

The host made a speech of welcome.

Hangzhou in July is scorching and blossoming, with vigorous vitality and the greatest hope, which is just like the New Era, New Journey and New Future were leading to. It is for this reason that we chose this day to held our housewarming celebration. This will be an important milestone in the company developing process, and also a new starting line for all of our members to be committed to forging ahead to innovate and make higher achievements under the leadership of main company heads.

Xuming He, the CEO and founder of Hangzhou SEO, made a speech for the ceremony.

In the past 15 years, we have developed from a 3-person team with a 10-sq-m office to this big family with about 300 employees in the headquarters, nearly 1,000 staff spread around China and this new office of about 2,000-sq-m. We have expanded and moved for about 6 times in the past years. And all achievements weve made shall be attributed to the support and efforts of all of our partners around China, our staff, investors and people from all walks of life. Here, on behalf of Hangzhou SEO, Id like to express my sincerely gratitude to all of you.

As a public company listed on the NEEQ, we will work as always to innovate our products, services and management to provide professional network technology applications and services for all kinds of enterprises in the world. Well remain committed to providing more opportunities for companies to make more fortune and for society to alleviate the employment problem. Well do everything we can to promote social progress with technological innovation.

Xuming He, CEO and founder of Hangzhou SEO, together with its senior VP - Suyuan Xu, CTO - Yong Fang, excellent channel representatives - Lifeng Xie and Cong Li, the general manager of Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Guangjiao Network Technology Co. Ltd., lead us to forge ahead to a new era, new journey and new future at its new address.

Suyuan Xu, the Seniro VP of SIYIOU, and Yong Fang, its CTO, worked together to awaken the lion.

The new office was visited under the leadership of main department heads after the housewarming ceremony.

The horn of sailing has already been blown and we have already been on our new journey. We believe that the ship of Hangzhou SEO fully loaded with hope will sail to a much brighter future.