NEW ERA, NEW JOURNEY, NEW FUTURE - new orientation was selected in the SEO’s 2018 midyear fourth distributors grand ceremony at the moving day

The topic of the SEOs fourth distributors grand ceremony was released by Sina, IFENG, SOHU, toutiao and ChinaZ separately on July, 2018. Here is the news content.

 “New Era, New Journey, New Future” is the theme of the grand ceremony as well as the action orientation of Hangzhou SEO in 2018. In June 29th, the headquarter of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd. has moved to the 11th floor of Zhonghao Five-star International Plaza, 672-Xintang Rd. from 14-16th floor of Tianheng Building at 1509-Binsheng RdThe housewarming celebration was held in Zhonghao Five-star international Plaza in July 7th, 2018. All of its staffs and partners got together to review the development and share the joy of the corporation.

During the past 15 years, through expansion and relocation for 6 times, the firm has grown to volume of 300 personnel in the headquarter with 2000m2 covering 1000 staffs across the whole country.

On the housewarming celebration, Mr. He Xuming, the chairman of Hangzhou SEO, reviewed the company progress in the past 15 years emotionally and expressed his sincerest gratitude to all the clients, staffs, partners and all the mates that concern and support the development of Hangzhou SEO. As a public company listed on the New Third Board, Hangzhou SEO will be committed to innovating its products, services and management, providing professional internet technology applications and services for all kinds of enterprises to create more value for the enterprises, more jobs for society, and to promote the society progress with technology innovation.

After the brief but ceremonious celebration, the grand ceremony was held in Hangzhou Zhonghao Hotel. 200 representatives of our close partner across the country reviewed and summed up the work done in the first half of 2018, making plan for the rest of 2018 and the more distant future.

The Chairman of Hangzhou SEO has made a presentation with theme of “Proceed Firmly, Creating the Future” on the ceremony. He made objective analysis of the chances and challenges that Hangzhou SEO is facing by analyzing the macroscope economy behavior and combining the industry and the present situation of the corporation, which had given great confidence and power to its partners from across the country.

With the accumulation of technology, resource and client of 15 years, the core team and staffs has become more mature and reliable. Mr. He Xuming, the chairman of the company, said that we should take time and be calm no matter how the outside world changes, we can maintain our very first stance and make progress step by step stably. We have got much experience. The latest 3 years have eye witnessed the growth of Hangzhou SEO as well as the challenge faced by the company, but we always grasp the nettle, beat the difficulties one by one and finally reach the success. We have got sufficient funds. In 2017, the company have received revenue of 83.83million yuan which has increased 158% year-on-year, net return 10.82million yuan which has increased 1088% on a year-on-year basis. We realized 128million yuan order income with 24.39m positive cash flow. The total property of 166m as well as cash 85.91m yuan (50% Y-o-Y grow). We have got the best team, that is, all the staffs and partners of us. These are the source of our confidence and huge promotion!


On the first half year of 2018, Hangzhou SEO has improved the client effect of Foreign Trade Express and Yiqibao specifically and optimized the system function and user experience; the progress is obvious. Meanwhile, to satisfy clients’ requirement on various classes, we had selected product orientation from all aspects. With the establishment of Qiantang military academy and the expansion of frequent training facing the channel system of sale, service and management, we have become more concern on talent training and outcoming which motivates the expansion of market and promotion of businesses. Within the company, it will remain committed to its own way of enhancing the management and take services seriously. After recruiting talent of senior executives and refining the business procedure on 2018, its international business has already begun.


Every single SEOs distributors grand ceremony has become promoting pageant of both SEO and its partners as well as sharing the success. On the ceremony, representatives of various volume of sourcing businesses have shared their own point of how their notion changes as well as team management and business expanding and customer services. They have shared their own story with Hangzhou SEO which is motivating and moving.


Here we are standing at the new era, new journey and new future of SEO. Under the leadership of its chairman, Mr. He Xuming, Hangzhou SEO will remained committed to get the giant ship fully loaded with hope sail to a much brighter future.