Foreign Trade Lecture Are Going to Be Held Nationally

The Foreign Trade Lecture is a large-scale seminar on foreign trade knowledge sponsored by SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd. The content covers from the macro-status and microscope situation of China's foreign trade, how to set up and manage foreign trade enterprise teams, how to manage supply chain, how to develop foreign trade marketing, how to obtain orders, to foreign trade negotiation skills and business operation skills, etc. And help foreign trade companies get breakthrough and reborn.

Since 2016, the Foreign Trade Lecture has been held for more than 100 times in more than 30 key cities across China, covering nearly 100,000 foreign trade business owners and marketing elites. The lecture brought new foreign trade ideas and practical knowledge to various foreign trade enterprises across the country and provided solutions to the common problems in the process of foreign trade practice, which not only benefited Chinese foreign trade enterprises, but also improved the brand image of Foreign Trade Express which is a win-win project. In 2017, with the join of the foreign trade consulting master, teacher Jac, a strong force has been injected into the lecturer team of the Foreign Trade Lecture, and further expanded the influence of the Foreign Trade Express and the Lecture Hall in the country.

In 2018, the Foreign Trade Lecture will continue to be wonderful, and teacher Jac will keep bringing the latest courses. Stay tuned!