Mr. Xuming He, CEO of SIYIOU, Was Invited By Microsoft’s US Headquarters to Attend the Microsoft 2018 Inspire Global Partner Conference

Mr. Xuming He, the CEO of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd., was invited by the Microsofts US headquarters to attend the Microsoft 2018 Inspire Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas, USA on July 14-22, 2018.

The Microsoft 2018 Inspire Global Partner Conference was held in Las Vegas, USA. As the most important annual partner event, the Conference attracted more than 17,000 atandees and held about 150,000 sessions with artificial intelligence as its theme. Mr. Xuming He, the CEO of SIYIOU, attended the Conference on invitation and talked with the global peers, industry leaders, and Microsoft experts very deeply about the Internet industry and many other related topics.

(Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft China)

The Mircrosoft Inprire Conference is acknowledged by many partners as an annual event that cannot be missed. The new strategies, solutions and technologies of various industries in the future have been actively discussed and the major events would be announced in the Conferences. Microsoft has led a big transformation and started a new journey with partners. Microsoft, now, is in a unique era which made collaboration become much more important for it than ever before. It has to be said that in this world of digital transformation under the auspices of Microsoft, every enterprise needs to establish a complete ecosystem. And cooperation with Microsoft means to cooperate with the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

(Mr. Xuming He, outside the venue.)

Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference Infield

(Conference Live Spot)

(Mr. Xuming He at the Conference)

(SatyaNadella, president of Microsoft, made a speech)

(Group Photo with Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft China)

Based on the Blob storage and SQL Server of Microsoft Azure, SIYIOU has reached a strategic cooperation with Microsoft. With rich technical experience, we have helped nearly 100,000 domestic enterprises and more than 1,000 of well-known brand businesses to develop global market, which made us a typical case of Microsoft in China.

Also, Microsoft is the most important partner of SIYIOU, whose SAAS systems, like the Foreign Trade Express and YIQIBAO, have got strong support from Microsoft in the application of cloud server. Forthemore,

Hangzhou SIPU SmartCloud Technology Co., Ltd., founded by SIYIOU, also got much support from Microsoft China in its overall cloud service solution. In the future, SIYIOU will further cooperate with Microsoft in the areas of big data, cloud computing, and AI.

In the future, SIYIOU will remain committed to assist its partners and customers in receiving much greater value growth and business success, and providing them with much more healthy prospects for development under the cooperation of the entire Microsoft ecosystem.