Global Version of Foreign Trade Express Gets Online and Toppo Signed the First Order.

Foreign Trade Express - connect you with the world directly. Through the integrated one-stop intelligent network marketing solution, Foreign Trade Express has satisfactorily met the demand of more than 20,000 small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to go overseas and obtain overseas orders in the past five years. With the development of Made-in-China to Created-in-China and the globalization trend of the economy, more and more Chinese medium and large enterprises are not satisfied with the products going out, and more and more show the demand and strength of the brand going out. In order to meet their needs, SIYIOU officially launched the global version of Foreign Trade Express in July 2018.

On July 18, 2018, Shenzhen Toppo Lighting Co., Ltd. and SEO signed the first project order of the foreign trade express global version since its launch. The simple and grand signing ceremony was held in Toppos office building.

Marketing Manager Frank on behalf of Toppo Lighting signed a specific contract with the manager Li of SIYIOU (Shenzhen).

At the signing ceremony, the business elite of Toppo Lighting Marketing and the senior executive of SIYIOU were presented.

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Toppo Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-tech LED lighting products, integrating R&D, production and sales. The company is located in Longgang, Shenzhen, the pioneer city of China's economic reform. Its products include: LED intelligent light, LED panel light, LED slat light, LED light tube, LED three-proof light, LED linear light, LED 2D partition, LED wall light, LED Downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED track lights, etc. Toppos products are widely used in the following fields: industrial lighting, architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, LED urban lighting, stage lighting and so on. After years of development and continuous innovation, it has become a well-known enterprise in the LED lighting industry.

The first time when SEO and Toppo Lighting collaborated with each other was in the summer of 2016. At that time, Toppo had only one foreign trade B2B platform site and official website, but President Chen paid a high degree of attention to the Internet and made many attempts in internet marketing. When the SEO technology was not known in the early stage, Toppo led the website through the search engine bidding advertisement. Due to the industry characteristics, the effect was not satisfactory. By chance, Toppo learned that the Foreign Trade Express of SIYIOU can provide a comprehensive one-stop network marketing service based on independent sites. President Chen quickly made his decision to choose Foreign Trade Express.

Foreign Trade Express built a professional and intelligent foreign trade marketing website for Toppo, and leveraging on its wide SEO experience and technology, helped Toppo get a large number of industry keywords ranked on the first page of Google in the case of cost control and attract buyers from all over the world. All of these efforts, together with the multi-channel network marketing such as intelligent SNS, have brought a large number of high-quality overseas customers to the company, with the transaction amount up to one million dollars.

The Foreign Trade Express of SIYIOU not only has the technology to guarantee the effect, but also provides professional multi-node intimate service in the whole process of order handling which might be impeccable. Regardless of the size of the cooperation period, the company's customer service staff will work for the customer patiently, and provide on-site service at regular intervals, giving Toppo suggestions on improving its website effectiveness.

The professional and humanized service of SIYIOU team has been highly praised by Toppo. One year of foreign trade express cooperation has made the company a big gain. When the service expired in September 2017, Toppo renewed its contract and arranged more salesmen to operate and maintain the foreign trade express website. At the same time, it tried SIYIOUs new product VR panoramic display, allowing its buyers to see the company's overall appearance in 360-degree and three-dimensional, to improve the inquiry conversion rate.

With the continuous improvement of the performance and the continuous expansion of the scale of foreign trade business, Toppo is not longer satisfied with obtaining overseas orders and exporting its products only through the traditional super version of Foreign Trade Express. Toppo has a higher goal: make its brand world-renowned. The launch of the global version of Foreign Trade Express just fits the needs of the top. Based on the quality cooperation of the previous two years, Shenzhen Toppo Lighting Co., Ltd. and SIYIOU signed the first order after the launch of the global version of the foreign trade express.

The Global Version of Foreign Trade Express is specialized in intelligent network marketing taking independent stations and brands as its foundation. The professional customized service realizes English independent search engine screen-occupying marketing, certain country local marketing, global authoritative media all-round brand marketing, multi-channel traditional network marketing. Also, active marketing based on accurate buyer data and 365 days of professional multi-node customization services during project implementation are available.


The success of this project indicates that Toppo Lighting will accelerate its pace of globalization and will develop a more comprehensive brand marketing strategy in multiple countries. It can be expected that in the future, Toppo Lighting will serve more overseas partners and will become a global brand.

At the same time, the check-out of the first version of foreign Trade Express global version also verified the scientific and feasibility of the product. And the R&D and service team of Foreign Trade Express will remain committed to the globalization of various Chinese corporate brands by improving its products and service constantly.