2018 Zhejiang Taizhou Foreign Trade Lecture Ended Successfully

On September 4th, 2018, the Foreign Trade Lecture in Zhejiang Taizhou has ended successfully, which was hold by Hangzhou SIYIOU Network Technology Co,. Ltd. and Taizhou Yajian Technology Co,. Ltd. in Taizhou Yaoda International Hotel. There were nearly 1,000 people participate in the conference. We were honored to invite Mr. Jin Yujia the Director of Foreign Trade Department, Taizhou Commerce Bureau gave us a speech.


The Foreign Trade Lecture Hall is a large-scale lecture event organized by Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is purely public. Since 2016, our foreign trade lecture hall has held more than 100 lectures in more than 30 major cities across the country, covering 100,000 foreign trade companies and marketing elites, bringing new foreign trade ideas and practical knowledge for foreign trade enterprises. We have provided solutions to the common problems in the process of foreign trade, which not only benefit foreign trade enterprises, but also enhance the brand image of foreign trade express.

(On-site check-in)

Mr. Jin mentioned in his speech:

           1. Overview of Taizhou's foreign trade development;

           2. The impact of Sino-US trades frictions;

           3. Taizhou Foreign Trade Development Promotion Policy.


During the speech, Mr. Jin deeply analyzed the big environment in which Taizhou's foreign trade enterprises were located, and put forward the difficulties and problems faced by Taizhou foreign trade enterprises. They also made good construction opinions on Taizhou's relevant policies for foreign trade enterprises. Mr. Jin also looked forward to the future prospects of Taizhou foreign trade enterprises.


Mr. Xu Suyuan delivered a speech

Mr. Xu Suyuan, Senior Vice President of Siyiou, gave a speech for the lecture hall, and explained the background of Siyiou and the Foreign Trade Express and the background and significance of the Foreign Trade Lecture Hall.


Guest lecturer JAC Li Yongcheng

JAC teacher analyzed about:

           1. The combing of internal processes;

           2. Trade strategy deployment;

           3. Set up old staff clerk and maintain old customers;

           4. Cultivate the middle management team.

As the theme of this course is “The Transformation of Foreign Trade Enterprises in 2018”, which told everyone about the actual problems of the company and point out the practical and effective enterprise model and strategy through various types of enterprises as examples. Enterprises need to sort out the internal processes, settle the old salesmen, maintain the old customers, train the middle management team, build an internal training system, and provide an optimal business growth environment, so as to fully occupy a favorable position in the market, and then Enterprises are bigger and stronger.

In addition to sharing, the on-site game interaction also has a special atmosphere, which enhances the sense of experience with customers. After the event, the consultation is continuous and the results are quite fruitful.


In the era when the Internet is still developing at a high speed, the foreign trade industry also applies the so-called "survival of the fittest, the rule of disability is eliminated", and Siyiou "foreign trade express" will continue to promote the reform and development of foreign trade enterprises through innovation, and the foreign trade lecture hall will also With it, it will bring huge wealth to more customers and enterprises.


The Taizhou Station of the Foreign Trade Lecture Hall has come to a successful end. Foreign Trade Express invites you to participate in the next foreign trade lecture hall to explore the future development of foreign trade enterprises together!