The signing ceremony of the first global service centre (India) of Foreign Trade Express was held in October 15th.

The signing ceremony of the first global service centre (India) of Foreign Trade Express was held in October 15th. He Xuming, chairman of Hangzhou Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd., technical director FangYong, international development department manager Xu Da and regional development department manager Lin Kexin attended the signing ceremony.

Gyaan Plant (Hyderabad City, Telengana State, India) is the first global partner of Foreign Trade Express and has been awarded "Foreign Trade Express India Service Center" by Siyiou, which is responsible for the operation and service of Foreign Trade Express in India. Ashwani (CEO), Hajra (Director of Business Development), and Revanth (Business Development Manager) of Gyaan Plant attended the signing ceremony.Gyaan Plant, founded in 2014, has nine years of experience in Digital Education, Web application development, mobile application development, digital marketing, and web design and development.

Over the past six years since the Foreign Trade Expresss R&D and came to market, it has served nearly 10,000 Chinese foreign trade enterprises. Through intelligent, systematic and integrated SAAS platform, it has helped Chinese foreign trade enterprises to connect with global purchasers and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese foreign trade enterprises.

It is hoped that the Foreign Trade Express will integrate the supply and purchaser resources of more countries, help global trade to be more efficient, accurate and convenient, further promote the healthy and stable development of Global trade and promote the integration of global trade. In the background of the Sino-US trade war, the foreign trade express strives to use the Internet, mobile Internet, AI and other high-tech to carry out intelligent and systematic services through minority language local marketing and multi-channel network marketing, to seek economic growth points in more parts of the world, so as to get rid of the foreign trade-oriented economic situation which relies heavily on a unitary economic entity.

The establishment of the Foreign Trade Express India Service Center is the first overseas service center of the Foreign Trade Express. It is the first and the most important step to the globalization development of Siyiou and the Foreign Trade Express. It is believed that more foreign trade express service centers will be set up in the future to serve more global trade enterprises in various regions. We believe that Foreign Trade Express can make contributions to global free trade, economic globalization and trade globalization!