Siyiou was invited to participate in the Symposium on the development of private enterprises in Jianggan district

On the morning of November 16, 2018 (Friday), A symposium on the development of private enterprises in Jianggan district was held at Qianxi hall on the fifth floor of Tianyuan Building by the party committee and the district government of Jianggan district, Hangzhou. He Xuming, chairman of Siyiou, was invited to attend the meeting.

Speech at the meeting

President Xi Jinping hosted a private enterprise forum before, he emphasized that we should unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector of the economy, and that our  policies aimed at creating a good environment for the development of the non-public sector of the economy and providing more opportunities remain unchanged. In the new journey of building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, China's private economy should grow, not weaken, and move towards a broader stage. Therefore, the government of Jianggan district carries out this symposium in light of the actual situation of private enterprises in the region, in order to better promote and encourage the development of private enterprises.

At the forum, the representatives of enterprises and district management office, Qian Tang smart city management committee representative made a speech. During the forum , the leaders of Teng Yong, Lou Jianzhong and Cai Jianyun asked questions and exchanged in-depth with private entrepreneurs on some issues, and asked relevant departments to seriously study and properly solve them. The atmosphere was very warm.

Deep Communication

Then, Wang Weian, deputy governor of the district government, analyzed and sorted out the opinions and suggestions put forward by the enterprises, and explained the measures of decomposition and implementation. 

Zhao Xinhao, the standing committee of the district committee and the head of united front minister, also made speeches, and made an understanding and follow-up on how to create a strong atmosphere for the development of private enterprises in Jianggan district.

Mr. He Xuming, chairman of Siyiou, was invited to attend a seminar on private enterprises in Jianggan district

Hangzhou Siyiou company has always been highly valued by the Jianggan district government. Chairman He said that he would continue to strengthen technology research and development with the support of the government, make science and technology become the driving force and support for business development and product innovation of the company, maintain strategic strength, and devote himself to developing from the macro perspective of the foreign trade industry, with technology as the driving force, so that foreign trade enterprises can have better overseas marketing promotion and opening up. A broader technology support platform to speed up the transformation of private enterprises into high quality development track.

At last, the Jianggan district government hopes that the private entrepreneurs participating in the conference will strengthen their self-learning and promotion, cherish their social image and train their internal skills, especially to improve their management ability and management level, improve the corporate governance structure, encourage qualified private enterprises to establish modern enterprise system, and strive to strengthen enterprises.

Siyiou will also improve the enterprise system under the leadership of Jianggan District Government, create greater value for foreign trade enterprises, thus promoting private enterprises to usher in a brighter development prospect!