Sun Biqing, director-general of Hangzhou Bureau of Commerce, Fan Chaohui, vice-district Director of Jianggan District and other departments visited HangzhouSEO

On the afternoon of Friday, April 12, 2019, Sun Biqing, director-general of Hangzhou Business Bureau, and the heads of office, general office, exhibition office and foreign trade department, Fan Chaohui, vice-president of Jianggan District, and the heads of district government office, District Business Bureau and Zhanongkou Street visited our company. He Xuming, chairman of HangzhouSEO, Xu Suyuan, senior vice-president, Fang Yong, director of technology, and the leaders of other department warmly welcomed them.

He Xuming, CEO of HangzhouSEO, introduced the company's products, development process, technological achievements and corporate culture for Director Sun and the head of relevant departments. During this period, he generally introduced that since the Foreign Trade Express was launched in early 2014, more than 10,000 paying households have been accumulated. After launching the market , the product has been updated several times, and the function and user friendliness have been improved qualitatively. At present, the product is moving towards the direction of large data and intelligent whole-network marketing.

Mr. He and the leaders of other departments of the company discussed with Mr. Sun and his delegation in the meeting room. Xu Suyuan, senior vice president of HangzhouSEO, make a detailed analysis of the products of Foreign Trade Express and how Foreign Trade Express can better serve foreign trade enterprises in order to promote the development of China's foreign trade. During the exchange, Director Sun expressed his constructive suggestions on the long-term development direction of HangzhouSEO and how the Foreign Trade Express could better face Chinese foreign trade enterprises.

2019 —— Cultivation and Breakthrough!

With the continuous transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure, accelerating the transformation of new forms of foreign trade is an important way for foreign trade enterprises to cultivate new competitive advantages, and is also the key to maintain stable growth of China's foreign trade. Foreign Trade Express can provide high-quality services for more foreign trade enterprises, accompany the transformation and growth of foreign trade enterprises, help enterprises to stand out in the international market, and realize the synchronous promotion of technological innovation and business model innovation in China's foreign trade. Hangzhou SEO is keeping working hard, we should look forward to it in 2019.