“Promote Foreign Trade, Build Future of Cross-border” Foreign Trade Express and Tusi Jointly Help Northern Foreign Trade

Conference Background

In November 2018, the General Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation jointly issued the Report on the Situation of China's Foreign Trade (Autumn 2018). It was pointed out that with the development of China's foreign trade in 2019, the environment is more severe and complex, the risks of the world economy are increasing, and trade protectionism threatens the steady growth of global trade. With the severe macro environment, how to judge the market trend and timely transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises in 2019 has become a top priority.


3.28 Shijiazhuang 3.29 Beijing

Starting from March 2019, Siyiou Foreign Trade Express, jointly with the Tusi, has been conducting a nationwide tour of the Super Open Course on the theme of "Promote Foreign Trade, Build Future of Cross-border", helping foreign trade enterprises to recognize the current situation and trends, find their own positioning, broaden the source of orders, increase profits and avoid risks with new ideas and methods. 

   On March 28, Shijiazhuang, a one-day open course of "Promote Foreign Trade, Build Future of Cross-border", was attended by nearly 1,000 foreign trade elites and bosses from Shijiazhuang and all over the country.

On March 29, the Open Course "Promote Foreign Trade, Build Future of Cross-border" was held in Beijing for one day. More than 500 foreign trade elites and bosses from Beijing and all over the country participated.

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   Foreign Trade Express helps foreign trade enterprises to obtain customers and orders through advanced big data system and customer portrait technology, as well as multi-channel network marketing system based on 16-year accumulation and precipitation of multi-language and multi-search engine SEO technology.

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Sharing by Mr. Tusi

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How will the global industrial chain transfer change in 2019?

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How can foreign trade enterprises better develop overseas customers in 2019?

Open Course "Promote Foreign Trade, Build Future of Cross-border" is not finished yet. 

Maybe the next stop will land in your city.

 Please look forward to it!