Warmly Celebrate Hangzhou SEO Receiving the National High-Tech Enterprise Certification

Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co., Ltd received the national high-tech enterprise certification, which was officially issued by National Center for Science & Technology, on January 3, 2017. It is another limestone in Hanghzou SEOs history since listing on the NEEQ.

National High-tech Enterprise qualification, the companys intangible assets as well as a strong evidence of the companys scientific research capability and level, is an important measuring standard for enterprise. Its brand influence can be comparable with China top brand products, China well-known trademark and those national inspection-free products. As long as you pass the identification, the company can enjoy preferential treatment when pay corresponding income taxes and enjoy a competitive advantage when declare other projects with government preferential policies, which may enhance the companys influence on society. Therefore, we can say that its of great practical significance for the growth of enterprise.

Requirements for Identification:

 1. Your company must have been incorporated for more than one year when applying for the identification;

 2. Your company must have the ownership of the intellectual property of main products with essential technology via self R&D or M&A, transfer or donation, or any other ways;

 3. The technology, playing an essential role in supporting the companys main products, must be included in the high-tech field with the governments primary support as issued in related clause;

 4. The proportion of the companys employees engaged in research and development as well as relevant technological innovation in its total working staff must be no less than 10%;

 5. The proportion of the total R&D expenses in the latest three fiscal years (taking the actual operation period as the standard if its less than three years; the same below) in gross sales in the same period should be as following:

      (1) No less than 5% for those enterprises with revenue of no more than 50 million yuan (50 million yuan included );

  (2) No less than 4% for those enterprises with revenue of 50 million yuan to 200 million yuan (200 million yuan included);

  (3) No less than 3% for those enterprises with revenue of over 200 million yuan.

  Besides, the proportion of the total amount of money spent on domestic R&D projects in total R&D expenses should be no less than 60%;

 6. The revenue of various high-tech products/services in the latest one year should account for no less than 60% of the total revenue in the same period;

 7. The evaluation about the enterprises creativity should meet the requirement;

 There should be no any significant accidents in safety or quality, or illegal activities strongly breaking the law within one year before the application. 

Note: For national high-tech enterprise identification, the leading group of relevant  management work is composed of the People's Republic of China ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Finance of the Peoples Republic of China and state administration of taxation; and the local management organization of high-tech enterprise identification is composed of relevant administrative departments of science and technology in all provinces, autonomous regions, directly administered municipalities, and Chinese independent plan cities, and the Ministry of Finance and state administration of taxation of the same level.

We have been dedicated to the R&D of various technologies for 10 years, giving high priority to talent personnel and putting great importance to reasonable and standard management, which laid a solid foundation for the cognizance. On November 11, 2016, the list of the first batch national high-tech enterprise under identification was approved by the leading group of national high-tech enterprise identification management and was publicized on its official website.



Hangzhou SEO received the National High-tech Enterprise Certification, officially issued by the leading group of relevant management work, on January 3, 2017, which is not only the affirmation of our comprehensive strength but also makes us more confident about our future development.