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Our Team

Introduction of the SIYIOU Search Engine Optimization Team:

Technical Consultant: Wang Tao
Wang joined Baidu in 2003 and is now one of the Baidu's top 300 employees. During his 12 years' career in Baidu's Search Technology Department, he was the senior product designer of Baidu's Search Product Marketing Department who is in charge of all kinds of work of web page search index, quality, etc. He also served as the product manager of Baidu Webmaster Platform, meanwhile, he was one of the principle members of Baidu LEE Team and the author of Baidu SEO Guide.

Chairman: Xuming He
Founder and Chairman of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co.,Ltd.; MBA of Zhejiang University who also graduated from the President Training Class of Zhejiang University. He started his career in internet technology industry in 2003 and has accumulated about 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in this industry. He is the one who introduced the conception of SEO into China and put it into practice, who was awarded as the "Top Ten Leaders Driving China SEO Development", and also the one who was awarded as the "Top Ten Innovative Entrepreneur in Zhejiang" in the Zhejiang Business Conference with Thousands of People in 2015 launched by CZTV. One of the SIYIOU products, the "Foreign Trade Express" which is a cross-border B2B e-commerce platform, has served over 2,000 paying customers and over 20,000 free customers in its first 2 years' development. Through all these efforts, he has had profound understanding and unique insights of SEO, the development of internet industry, the trend of cross-border e-commerce, etc.

Senior Vice President: Suyuan Xu
Co-founder of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co.,Ltd. With the experience of once being the market director of some famous internet companies, he possesses rich experience in this industry and has led our team to broad market and serve many of those important customers. And nearly all of our customers speak very highly of his service. At present, he is in charge of the management and marketing of SIYIOU.

CTO: Yong Fang
Co-founder of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co.,Ltd. who is in charge of the development of SEO system and the customer management system as well as the technology support service. Fang had been served in SEO industry long before the establishment of SIYIOU, and therefore he has a deep understanding of various SEO management systems and those related technologies.

COO: Yanzhou Chen
Co-founder of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co.,Ltd. who stepped into the SEO industry and began his career in business operation in 2003. Since then he has managed successfully a great quantity of SEO programs and thus accumulated rich experience in this industry. Now, he is in charge of various tasks of operation, planning, resource integration, the technology process making, and so on.

UX Manager: Guomai Zhou
Co-founder of Hangzhou SEO Network Technology Co.,Ltd. who owns years' experience of web design, UI design (including the mobile UI design), and has a deep understanding of interactive design. With rich experience in dealing with the website optimization successfully and in UX, he has developed his own unique insights about the building of enterprise website which is based on SEO and UX. He is now in charge of the building of various enterprise websites, UX, and so forth.

CFO: Ping Wang
A senior accountant, who graduated from Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, was once the financial manager of SUNYARD and then the deputy CFO of Kingtion.